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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 10, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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first for the latest on the ground in that region i'm joined by nbc's jim miklaszewski in kabul this morning. jim, what can you tell us about the situation there? >> there's been intense fighting in helmand province in southern afghanistan over the past 24 hours. according to u.s. military officials at least one u.s. marine has been killed in the fighting down there. the reason for this offensive is they are trying to root out the taliban from what has been their traditional base and stronghold there in the province and also cut off the drug trade. helmand province, this one small area is the largest world producer of poppies, opium base and eventually heroin. for the rest of the country it's been relatively quiet over the last 24 hours. that's been a relief to the top
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military commander, general mcchrystal. he's been taking part in video teleconference briefings, review, three hours at the white house. an afternoon at the white house translates to 2:00, 3:00 in the morning here in kabul before those sessions are over. you can see the kind of stress that's putting on mcchrystal who wants an additional 30,000 forces for an effective counter-insurgency strategy. >> that's what the general wants. as far as an afghan perspective, does the government want there want more troops to help in the fight against the taliban? >> you know, it's sort of a mixed bag here in afghanistan right now. the afghan government clearly wants additional u.s. forces not only to fight the taliban but also to train up afghan security forces. you know, they are going to try to double the force in a
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little -- afghan security forces, their initial target was 180, 190 to 400,000, in a little over a year, year and a half, and that's going to be a monumental task. while the government and many afghan people still want the americans here, there's a growing belief among many afghan people watching the increase in violence over the past several years and what many feel was a corrupt, tainted election, re-election of president karzai, still contested, still may ab runoff but they are beginning to think the americans can't do much more for them. that's one of the reasons, including the increase in violence that general stan mcchrystal believes that with the help of the americans, this war in afghanistan needs to be turned around now. >> nbc's jim miklaszewski live for us this morning in kabul. jim, thank you. with more now on the way forward in afghanistan, i'm joined live from washington on
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nbc nbc. what advice is he getting? >> the fourth meeting of the war council, includes not only generals but top diplomats from the region. richard holbrooke is in charge of overseeing policy, secretary clinton, gates, including chief of nato, in afghanistan. he's skod for 20 to 30,000 more troops. there's a hot debate whether that's going to be needed, in fact what the strategy will be now going forward. the white house is increasingly making a distinction between taliban and elements that would offer safe haven to al qaeda that resulted in 9/11, of course, and those taliban elements that are more indigenous, more concerned about parochial issues within the province of afghanistan, those
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seen as less threatening, keeping elements at bay but not necessarily going after them in a military offense so much as they want to go after those who are terrorists. those who would harbor al qaeda. a very delicate line is being walked. we're told a decision on a new strategy is several weeks airway. that was the formulation by robert gibbs, the press secretary and another meeting set next wednesday for the white house situation room. >> could there be a wrinkle in this, though, the president won the nobel peace prize early morning in the announcement saying he was a bit surprised by the announcement. is that going to have any kind of an impact on these decisions regarding afghanistan? >> well, certainly no shortage of irony there. the president has awoken with the news he won the nobel peace prize, only the third president in the history of the prize to end in such a manner, ending date with a three-hour meeting about the war council, i don't think that's going to have a great affect but there's probably people around the world and perhaps on the nobel
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committee that wished it would. >> mike, thanks for the time this morning. make sure you tune in tomorrow for "meet the press" with david gregory. he'll talk with a panel about what the next steps in afghanistan may be. check your local listings for that. the father of a man accused of plotting a terror attack in new york city has now entered a plea of not guilty. mohammed zazi entered the plea through her attorney. he's charged with lying to investigators and now faces eight years in prison if convicted. his son najibullah zazi pleaded not guilty to explosives in the united states. a spiritual cleansing ritual turned fatal at an arizona resort. two people died, a dozen overcome in a sauna-like sweat lodge, used to cleanse the body. elders say typically a person only stays in 10 to 15 minutes.
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>> they take a breather, then they can come in again. the creator sanctions people to do this. and when some people run rampant with it, things are going to happen. >> authorities looking whether the victims had medical conditions or had been fasting. four people remain hospitalized, one in critical condition. there is more evidence this morning that the h1n1 virus is unusually dangerous for the young. health officials say 76 children in the united states have died from the swine flu, that includes 19 kids who died this past week. i spoke to the national institute of health. he said parents shouldn't worry about children receiving that new vaccine. >> the safety as the secretary just emphasized of this vaccine is really quite clear. we've been giving these types of vaccines for tens to00s of millions of people for decades. although the virus is different,
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each year the virus changes a bit from one season to another. we give the same types of vaccines and the safety record is really quite good. >> officials from center for disease control and prevention say 37 states have widespread swine flu activity. more extreme weather expected across the country in central kentucky. in fact, a tornado left behind widespread damage there. several structures in a mobile home park simply destroyed. families living in them now homeless. the good news of all of this is no injuries have been reported. a couple managed to escape their car pretty fast on this roadway in grayson county texas. they told authorities they didn't think the water was that deep and tried to make it through. emergency workers waited until the water went down before they finally pulled the car out. recent rains caused significant flooding in that area. forget about ball, i think we're going to a three season year. it looks and feels like winter in montana. snow, yeah, snow is on the
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ground in missoula. temperatures could drop to minus 2 in butte today. now your forecast, here is meteorologist bill karins. good saturday morning to you. a couple of big weather stories today. the biggest is the cold air. this jnt cold, that is really cold. look at temperatures from denver to the northern plains. we're in the teens and 20s. the cold this morning by far we've seen this fall. now look at the windchill. in denver it's 8. we're supposed to play a baseball game in denver. i don't know if they can do that with windchills in the teens during the late afternoon and evening. cold air through kansas city, chicago, st. louis, minneapolis. it is going to be a bitterly cool mid october day. we even had snow in nebraska to talk about, just light stuff out there. these are the first snow flakes we've seen in many areas. rain through the southeast. the severe weather from yesterday, that's not going to happen today. we're still going to watch rain around baton rouge, that will eventually move into new
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orleans. saturday forecast looks like this. new orleans storms for you, showers around atlanta. the cool stuff in the northern plains, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. good news is it will warm up for your sunday. that's a look at your weather forecast. >> all right. thank you, bill. take a look now at what an fbi security camera caught on tape. a massive wave from last month's tsunami just taking over the fbi's parking lot in american samoa. camera located on second floor of the office in pago pago. it was rolling as the waves started tossing the cars and trucks like they were toys essentially. that tsunami killed nearly 200 people in the somoas. now to the economy and major stock indexes, they soared this week. the u.s. dollar starting to show more signs of recovering from recent losses. retailers hoping momentum from modest gains in sales last month will just keep that cash rolling right all the way through the holidays. wouldn't that be nice for
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everyone. >> that would be nice. >> financial analyst vera gibbons. let's start off with the market. very good week for the market. >> very good. more than we've seen in a couple months. 401(k) will look like 401(k). improvement there because of earnings reports, alcoa, chevron. the service industry also showing signs of improvement. as you mentioned, retail sales up. that sends the market to new highs revitalizing hopes for recovery. that's what we're waiting for. >> that's what everyone has their fingers crossed. are there gains, here to stay? >> we do have earnings reports out again next week. a lot of banks reporting earnings. another focus is the dollar. stocks and commodities, making commodities more attractive for investors. that's pushing prices up. gold, for example, 1,000 an ounce for that. helps corporate profits for those companies doing business overseas, exports become more
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attractive, competitively priced, less expensive. that will be a focal point as well, as well as the earnings will ab dollar. >> real quick. i know we're starting to see early holiday sales and bargains. jump on them now or wait. things will get better. >> retailers know consumers are strapped so they have a better take on inventory. they really streamlined inventory. if you see something you like, i wouldn't necessarily wait. >> get it now? >> right. >> you'll dig through half empty shelves. >> wrong sizes, wrong colors. >> gift card. >> gift card. >> vera, thanks for that. well, a brutal proceed to an american woman on trial for murder in italy. the court shoots down her request for more testing that might have cleared her name. we're live in italy, plus, a whirlwind day for president obama as the world reacts to his winning the nobel peace prize. how it could help or hurt him politically.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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> and it is that time of the year again. the ice rink at rockefeller center now open. go down. there's no line. probably the only time you can get there. the weekends will be $14. take advantage of it now. you can probably skate in your shorts or halloween costume. the 2009 nobel peace prize was born from a nomination 12 days after obama assumed presidency. now the critics are saying what has he done to deserve the honor? i'm joined by staff write from "roll call" emily writes heard
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on the hill. will the president benefit from the expectations set forth by this prize or is this actually going to be a hindrance. >> i think it's going to ratchet up expectations from him. we've known that all along from his campaign to election to presidency, expectations keep rising for him. it does add to that i don't know whether it's going to be a help or hindrance. certainly it does raise expectations for him across the globe, too. it is more of a recognition, i think of what he represents as a promise as opposed to what he's done so far. you mentioned the nomination came 12 days into the his administration clearly not enough time to be based only on accomplishment. here is what some of the president said when he heard that early morning announcement. >> to be honest, i do not feel that i deserve to be in the
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company of so many of the transformative figures honored by this prize. men and women who have inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace. >> emily, i'm going to put you on the spot here. i mean, neither one of us are nobel prize winners, so i don't know if we can accurately respond to this. was that an appropriate response given the magnitude of the award. >> i think he was very much because the by humility. he was very much caught by surprise and he wanted to express that. he certainly hadn't campaigned for this nomination, did not even know about it, in fact. in fact, other nominations, nobel peace winners, there's a feeling of campaigning for it. i'm thinking of al gore specifically here. there seemed to be a little campaign around his nomination. that wasn't the case here. so president obama was very surprised. and i think he very much needed to strike that tone of humility and certainly needed to announce that he was donating the prize money as a way of sort of, you
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know, countering the notion that, you know, this was some sort of ego trip. i think he really did need to strike that tone of humility to wage criticism. >> really quick. the president continuing to enjoy overwhelming popularity in europe. let's look at some of the numbers. approval ratings in the 80 to 90% range. that's compared to george bush in the 10s, except italy a 27% approval rating. was this prize a rebuke of the administration? >> in some ways it's a rebuke for president bush as an applause for president obama. he's been greeted internationally very positively. president sarkozy in france sent a note to president obama and this quote i think probably encapsulates at least how europe feels about it. he says this represents america's return to the heart of all the world's people. i think the nobel peace prize is
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very much about how obama is being seen on a global stage. of course, here in the u.s., we're thinking about health care, we're thinking about the economy. these are very divisive issues. globally he's a uniting figure, i think the prize represents that. >> emily, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> a critical day on health care reform. is everyone on the finance committee on board. what's the fate of that controversial public option. we'll take a look. for those of you that can't get enough of michael jackson. the debut of his single has moved. the details next. my name is herb. i live in northport, alabama. i'm semi retired and i'm here to tell a story.
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chantix should not be taken with other quit smoking products. the urges weren't like they used to be, and that help me quit. (announcer) talk to your doctor to find out if prescription chantix is right for you. the debut of michael jackson's new single. that has been moved up by just a few hours and on a new venue. the single," this is it "from jackson's new cd will be
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released online monday. msnbc is the place for politics. a new polling number on a closely watched political race in the country are out. a "washington post" poll on the virginia governor's race shows republican bob mcdonnell increasing his lead over deeds. he leads 53 to 44% with voters. "washington post" polling director john cullen. john, good morning to you. i want to get to it mcdonnell's lead continues to widen over deeds. what's behind this surge? >> deeds came in trailing mcdonnell by four points. he used the period right after the release of the publication of a graduate school thesis by bob mcdonnell expressing controversial views of women in the workplace to narrow the gap with the republicans. that's gone. deeds failed to capitalize on that early momentum. he trails on all the major issues, economy, transportation,
8:24 am
on taxes, on the state budget. mcdonnell has double digit leads. it's quite thorough. there is a couple weeks later but momentum in place. >> can you see anything else that will potentially slow that down or switch it back in deeds' direction? >> one of the things that's really hurting deeds now, the widespread perception he's running an overwhelmingly negative campaign. 56% say he's running a negative campaign. 60% credit mcdonnell for running a positive one. this is hurting deeds, particularly in northern virginia where he had a wide 17 point lead just three and a half weeks ago. now he's 51% in northern virginia for deeds, 56 for mcdonnell. democratic strategists look for 60% in northern virginia, the key to winning statewide. deeds 51% is not going to do it. >> the big catalyst was that
8:25 am
thesis he wrote while he was a 34 wreerld college graduate student is generating a lot of controversy. let's take a look at this ad from deeds supporters. >> what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women detrimental to the family, then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record. the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda. >> are people perceiving this as deeds going negative? >> it's part of it. deeds campaign will argue they have spent more than twice as much money on positive ads as negative ones but the perception as i appointed out in this poll is very much among virginia voters that is he's running a negative campaign and it hurts them. when we run models that include voters age and party identification and sex, it's the perception he's negative really does hurt him and turns voters away. to the extent he can change that over the next three and a half weeks, i would like for that
8:26 am
campaign to do that. >> president obama won virginia. at the same time we have not seen him come out for deeds. we've seen vice president joe biden at dinners and fundraisers and says he'll continue to support deeds. why haven't we seen president obama? >> president obama could make a big difference. 58% of virginia voters approve of the job the president is doing. the electorate, one of the problems is the electorate that is likely to vote in november is very different in the terms of the overall makeup that elected obama and voted for obama and biden a year ago. if obama can come and encourage more younger voters and more african-americans to come out and vote in november, that could really change the landscape here. right now the estimated electorate in november is just 12% african-american. that will be the lowest figure in virginia in available data back to '94 and that compares with 20% of all voters last november who were black. 98% of black americans in virginia approve of the job
8:27 am
obama is doing. he could make a big difference in that community and among younger voters who are not likely to turn out. >> we'll have to leave it at that. john cohen, thank you for your time. >> the battle in new jersey is down right nasty. the target, a candidate's weight. we'll take a look at the politics of getting personal coming up. plus president obama still weighing the decision on whether to send more troops to afghanistan. we'll talk to general mccaffrey about the president's options in just a few minutes. you could buy 750 bottles of water. or just one brita faucet filter. - ( plinks ) - brita. better for the environment and your wallet. - ( plinks ) - brita. tide stain release. it helps get the toughest stains out the first time. whoa, that's a first. [ female announcer ] that's because new tide stain release is a revolutionary in-wash booster that works with your detergent
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(announcer) with walmart's everyday low prices, anyone can throw the party that everyone remembers. halloween costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. congressional showdown appears to the on the horizon for health care reform, senate finance committee prepares for critical vote on its health care bill. the house is expected to act this month on a rival plan with one big difference. the house version would include a public health insurance plan. joining me live from washington,
8:31 am
d.c., congressman from new jersey. thank you for your time. how can you explain the difference between the house and senate version? >> the main difference is the public option in the house version. but we still have the possibility in the senate because they may combine the senate finance committee and senate health committee bills with some kind of public option or triggered public option of the other difference, of course, is in the pay for, in the case of the house we have a surcharge on high income taxpayers in the senate, they are taxing insurance companies. there's that difference as well. >> all right. so you're putting this forward on the house side. but on the senate side, you called senator max baucus health care proposal. senator baucus said any bill containing the public option in your bill is doomed by partisan politics.
8:32 am
how do you respond to that? >> well, i think you're going to have to have a compromise. in other words, maybe instead of having an outright public option that's available everywhere, it would only be available where there isn't private insurance, or where there's only private insurance carrier. the reason for the public option is varied. one of the reasons is in many parts of the country, there may not be private insurance. there may be only one carrier, in which case they have a monopoly. that keeps cost high. the public option is competitive and it keeps the cost down. >> do you support the opt out? i know that was something that was being proposed and worked on on the senate side that would give states the option if they wanted to opt out, if there was a public option in place, states could opt out of that program. do you support that? >> i support the public option. i think it should be available across the board. this may be a compromise. we're going to have to have compromise between the house and senate.
8:33 am
otherwise we're not going to have a pitch that's certainly one compromise. >> in today's "washington post," there's an article that says despite the house getting closer to the vote, the measure might not attract a single republican. not one supporter. do you think it should be able to get any republicans to vote with you in the house? >> i think we're likely to get a handful but not significant. in other words, we have to assume that this achieves the majority just with democrats. i would think you might get a few. >> if you don't, and in your mind i'm assuming would be best case scenario, as opposed to unanimous. if, in fact, you don't get supports from republicans, are democrats willing to go alone to pass health care reform. >> absolutely. i've never seen such unity among democrats that we feel it's necessary to pass health care reform in the house and senate. it may very well be it's passed just with democrats. i strongly feel that the
8:34 am
democrats are willing to do that because they think it's so important. >> now what about the public's reaction to that? i mean, there's really been a lot of talk about bipartisanship in all of this. you say democrats are willing to go it along and strong arm this through without republican support, what about public reaction? what do you suppose that would be. >> i think that we've made an effort. in other words, the public has seen that the president in particular has been reaching out to the republicans trying to get their support. you know, has done whatever he can. my feeling is the public says, well, okay, you've tried. if you can't do it, then do it alone. >> if the house does pass a bill with public option in there, how competent, then, are you that a public option will survive to reach the president's desk for a signature. >> i think the likelihood of some sort of compromise. in other words, as you said, opt out or trigger where you have the public option, where private insurance is not available. there's a monopoly. that type of combination
8:35 am
compromises most likely for the final bill that goes to the president. >> all right, congressman. we appreciate your time with us this saturday morning. >> for the latest on health care, eight ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer, check out the health section of your website on a massive fire in port arkansas, texas this morning. that blaze started overnight. at least six homes were destroyed, two heavily damaged from the flames. winds hampered efforts to put those flames out. no injuries were reported for that fire in port aranses. fire department investigating the cause of the fire. a suspicious device found friday night, portland women conference was host ag conference when the device was found in a bathroom.
8:36 am
the bomb squad was called, the device was not hazardous. the event rescheduled for tonight. president obama has a lot more than afghanistan on his mind. coming up, how he plans to tackle his next big priority, immigration reform. plus a verdict could come soon in the trial of an american student accused of murder overseas. we're live in italy with the update in just a few minutes. goodwrench... we roll out the blue carpet for drivers of these great gm brands. we can do the small things, the big things, just about everything... right inside your gm dealership. find out more at what? where? don't freak. it's gone. how? who did it? i did. with one of these. this is a mouse trap? yeah. it's a new kind of mouse trap from ortho. home defense max. it's guaranteed to kill the mouse. you just push down this little lever right here... ...and it does the rest. nothing to see. nothing to touch. you just throw it away. no mess. no drama. we could do without drama.
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gm drivers.. it's goodwrench & go time. three great services: all in one place. all at one time. all for one price for most gm vehicles. but it's only for a limited time. at participating gm dealers. new developments in the trial of american student amanda knox. knox has been trial in italy. she's been in prison since 2007. knox and her former boyfriend accused of sexually assaulting and killing her former roommate. where are we now in the phase of the trial? >> reporter: incredibly after all this time, more than nine months, 42 court sessions, we
8:40 am
had a wrap last night with the judge denying defense request to recall evidence and call in a special forensic investigator to go over all the dna evidence produced by the defense and prosecution. wildly contradictory evidence leaving many people confused about what, nfc, is the truth behind this case in terms of the dna. anyways, the judge said no, there will be no special investigator. the case is now over. he then turned to the prosecution and said they have until november 20th to present their final arguments. they will be followed by the defense. so we're expecting incredibly almost 11 months after this trial started to reach a verdict probably in the first week of december. our good colleague left the hold early today and said this maybe one of the longest running trials in italy. he may be correct on that. >> and understatement. certainly has been a long trial. is there any word how amanda is doing herself?
8:41 am
>> her uncle is in town looking after her. he gets to see her once a week. she's holding up pretty well. she's been taking a correspondence course in german and literature. apparently she's gotten into the routine, obviously very frustrated at spending almost two years -- in fact, by the time we get the verdict in early december, she will have spent more than two years behind bars without knowing her fate. so the verdict, of course, she's anticipating a not guilty plea. that's what she's said. she's executiving that to be the result. >> keith miller, live in italy. keith, thank you. to washington and a three-hour strategy session at the white house. new reports this morning that president obama has still not made a decision about whether to increase troop levels in afghanistan. it is the first time the president has questioned his inner circle about troop levels that might be needed to turn that around. top general in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal he's
8:42 am
believed to have given president obama a range of analyst. mrlt analyst and retired general mccaffrey. good morning to you. these options from 10,000 troops to as many as 60,000. general mccaffrey, if you were advising the president, what option would you be suggesting? >> i'm extremely impressed he's gone through this process. whatever this decision, this administration then owns it. bringing along secretary clinton, gates and others is the right thing to do. he's in a dilemma. there's no political support for the war in the country. his party is opposed to it. he's hearing the voices of history from vietnam warning him this may define his presidency. at the same time in march he articulated a strategy. he then put a new commander on the ground. he's got a recommendation and the price tag is making him gag.
8:43 am
politically it's unpalatable. i don't know his way out of the box. at the end of the day he probably needs to not obsess over the number and instead decide can i explain to the country why i want to stay in afghanistan. that's the real issue. >> threats flush that out. what would you say the president is after telling his advisors he wants to identify the objective there more clearly before committing troops or military assets to achieve them. what should the goal be in afghanistan now? >> i think they are going to end up undully sophisticated analysis of the problem. one of the words yesterday in the "washington post" really got to me. senior white house official, we're trying to find the sweet spot on the curve on troop levels which amuses me no end. this is not financial engineering, this is inexact brute force. if we want to build a viable
8:44 am
state, that's actually what we're going to do, it's ten years of hard work, 5 to $10 billion a month and mcchrystal probably needs a substantial reinforcement certainly in the short-term with security. this is hard work, extremely complex process. >> in your mind, then, withdrawal is not even an option? >> i don't think so. not a chance. first of all the president ran for office with pretty muscular rhetoric on this issue. i think if there's a hint we're dialing down or objectives to counter-terrorism against the hundreds of al qaeda operatives in the country, our allies will cut and run. the germans and canadians are probably leaving anyway in the next 18 months. the brits could follow. if they think we're going to diddle around in there for u.s. narrow interests, they are out there. the pakistanis are another
8:45 am
problem. they will say, look, you did this to us before in the '80s with the russians. you've issued muscular rhetoric but are pulling back. it's not that we're stuck. we are where we are and he's got to take the cards he was issued and decide where to move forward from there. >> is there any winnable scenario to those cards, to that hand that he was dealt? >> well, i think, you know, there is. we ought to get some context on this. we're sitting here talking. it's impossible for me to believe as an example that a marine battalion could be overrun in afghanistan under any circumstances. our military risk is tolerable. they have almost eat an couple of our isolated platoon units. the road networks also appearing, we've got the form of a government. there are universities appearing, clinics, all is not lost in afghanistan. we've got to tell the american people, hey, this thing is
8:46 am
expensive, dangerous, complex, and most importantly it's going to take time. this is not a year or two to turn this around. to build an afghan army, i can't imagine how we can do it in less than five to ten years. this is not iraq. this is the 14th century we're dealing with in afghanistan. >> we're going to have to leave it there. general barry mccaffrey, we appreciate your time with us this morning. >> good to be with you. the governor's race in new jersey is getting down right nasty with two candidates exchanging some very personal attacks. the latest comes from democrat jon corzine. his ad questions his opponents' ethics while taking a pretty veiled shot at his waistline. take a listen. >> in both cases, he threw his weight around as u.s. attorney and got off easy. if you didn't pay taxes, ignored ethics laws would you get away with it? one set of rules for himself, another forrern else. >> the question is, is it working over that heavy-handed
8:47 am
tactic or back firing. bring in chief of "new york post." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> corzine's opponent says he's numb to these things, will it affect voters. >> he was ahead until these ads started getting negative, now basically it's a dead heat. it's negative. most of the voters in the polls say they view corzine of taking it negative. on the other hand he's closed the gap. >> one of the reasons it has significant proportions is it's one of a few races. it's silly and stupid, has he been hitting back harder? >> he's been hitting pretty hard. since the beginning his ad has been going after corzine's record. they have both been incredibly negative. corzine has a lot more money to spend. he's a multimillionaire from goldman sachs. he's dumping money and closing the gap. the key thing independent
8:48 am
candidate chris dagette, he's getting a lot of votes, that's coming from christie. >> corzine has a ceiling of 32 to 44%. in order for corzine to have a chance he's got to drive up christie's negative and hope dagette gets votes. >> will that have repercussions or not? >> christie is trying to make it an issue tying him to scandals. when he was first elected governor that was seen as an asset, because he managed goldman sachs. now it's a bit of a negative. he's accused on that score, christie accused of ethics, now the weight ad. >> what is the central factor, the central issue for new jersey
8:49 am
voters? who is doing a better job addressing it? >> central issue is economy, jobs and taxes. taxes are incredibly high. corzine has four years, most people don't like job approval ratings, they are abysmal. to win he has to get out democratic voters by convincing him opponent is worse than he is, better than the devil you know. >> this is one of two governor's races in the country right now. >> right. >> any kind of indication, referendum on president obama. >> we as journalists tend to read more into the races than voters. the voters aren't going into the voting booth saying we're going to vote for or against obama. it's the only race, a mood to where the country is, it shows the electorate is going to change. barack obama is popular in new jersey the same as he is in virginia. if he could get his voters to the polls the democrats would win. it's a lesson after the
8:50 am
presidential election is over, some of the voters go home and don't come out again in four years. that's the problem. >> kiet from the "washington post," thank you for your time. education officials are looking for a few good men to become teachers. we'll explain next. (announcer) it's what doctors recommend most for headaches. what doctors recommend for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers... and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever. [ female announcer ] nature fusion from pantene helps make hair strong against damage in 14 days. good housekeeping gave it their seal. damage protection results leading salon brands can't beat. [ female announcer ] nature fusion from pantene.
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the department of education rolling out a push to recruit black teachers, especially males who make up a tiny statistic. less than two percent of teachers nationwide are african-american men. teachers are overwhelmingly white, despite the fact minority students make up 44% of classrooms across the country. as health care winds its way through congress, the obama administration set to takingel its next priority, possibly immigration reform. that issue will almost certainly be addressed in next year's congress with clear partisan divide taking place.
8:54 am
i'm joined by a reporter from the daily beat of why is it the next big issue? >> obama made promises during the campaign it would be something they would take on. when he visited mexico in august, he said, look, we're going to have to wait until next year. immigration activists said no. he made promises, now let's deal wit. it's slowly moving through congress. it will come out next year but it has to be a priority. >> next week they will start working on it. >> a major report coming out from the secretary of security, janet napolitano. focusing on how to reform the nation's detention centers. right now almost 400,000 illegal immigrants move through these detention centers every year. it costs the country between $2 and $3 billion. it's really the major point they have shown a separation from the bush administration. >> unemployment is near 10%.
8:55 am
there is going to be any public support for immigration reform. pat buchanan has a new column called "hire americans first." is this a bad time for the obama administration to take this on because of unemployment being so high. >> when unemployment rises, sentiment rises. you see him say hire americans first. he feels like immigrants are taking jobs away from americans. i have to argue with the point that foreign talent doesn't improve the economy. when you go to silicon valley, foreign engineers are hired for technology companies. it seems like bad policy to say let's close our border and not only end illegal immigration but legal immigration as well, which is what mr. buchanan is asking for. after health care battles, can the public handle a debate about immigration. >> bush tried twice in his term to get immigration through and was unable to do.
8:56 am
we have an article from our resident expert at the "daily beast" on the political fringe. he said if you look at history, the kind of climate we're dealing with now, financial uncertainty, unemployment rising, it's the exact climate where we see pushback against immigrants. pat buchanan's article part of this trend. it's going to be tough politics. >> lot to deal with. samuel jacobs from "the daily beast." we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that's it for my. in the next hour, just how safe is the h1n1 vaccine? we'll ask one of the doctors who oversaw testing in humans. you're watching msnbc.
8:57 am
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next on "msnbc saturday," the swine flu's deadly toll. more and more of america's young people succumbing to this virus.


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